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Advantages of fitting a 4x4 Snorkel

Why fit a snorkel to you 4x4?

There are a number of good reasons for fitting a snorkel to your vehicle.

1. Safer when driving water crossings

When exploring Australia’s beautiful outdoors we are sometimes faced with no other way to continue on our journey than to cross a body of water. Sometimes they can be shallow and un-challenging, however sometimes we may be faced with a crossing where the water reaches the height of our air intake. Sucking in water into the engine can be fatal for your engine. Fitting a snorkel properly will raise the height of your air intake and allow you to cross deeper water crossings. You must ensure that your installation is completely air tight so not to suck in any water while submerged.

2. Cooler operation

By fitting a snorkel you are sucking cooler air from roof level rather than sucking hotter air from under the bonnet, so fitting a snorkel will ensure cooler air is sucked into the engine and can have some small performance benefits due to this.

3. Less Dust

By sucking in the air at the roof level there is less dust sucked into your engine.

4. They look good

Don’t forget how good your 4by looks with the addition of a snorkel

A snorkel is a good idea for your four wheel drive to improve the airflow into your engine, helps the engine breathe easier whilst allowing cleaner air into the engine and most importantly lift the air intake to a higher level thus allowing your 4x4 to go into deeper waters.

Don't get caught out on those water crossings without a snorkel.

Snorkels form Outdoors R Us are made from UV resistant Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) material imported from the US for the ultimate in strength and long term durability.

They are precision molded to suit individual vehicle models for the best possible fit and when fitted properly seal against dust and water.